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Die Erfindung betrifft eine tragbare Spielmaschine. The invention relates to a portable game machine. Wenn Spannung angelegt ist, führt die tragbare Spielmaschine.

Rumors leading up to E3 are always huge. They happen all the time. Well, adding on to the rumors that surfaced earlier this year in February centering around a patent that Sony filed for a handheld device, as reported by Digital Trendstwo new pieces of information popped up about a new PSP 3 or a PS Vita 2. They also speculate a possible PS4 Extreme Slim Edition being unveiled. The images of the press invite were posted over on A9VG.

Now keep visit web page mind that this could very well end up being little more than a hoax. Schlagen die Spielmaschine have been a ton of rumors dumped out just ahead of E3 from a number of people looking to schlagen die Spielmaschine eyes and attention on them.

However, in addition to Chinese media claiming that Sony may unveil something akin to the PSP 3 or PS Vita 2, there was also rumors that schlagen die Spielmaschine overheard someone from Square Enix talking about a possible new device from Sony that they may unveil, similar to the likes of the Nintendo Switch. YouTuber bitbite did a quick video on it in addition to what was reported in the Forbes article regarding the topic.

The patent design lends a lot of credence to the rumors, but the flimsy sourcing makes schlagen die Spielmaschine a little difficult to take the other pieces at face value. Sales of the PS4 are somewhat slowing down compared to what they were before, and innovation seems to have stalled. Both Sony and Microsoft have opted to chase the 4K arena, which is only really popular amongst the hardcore enthusiasts.

The only problem with these rumors is that Sony has never dominated the handheld market. While their Xperia phones are in-demand, the PSP and PS Vita schlagen die Spielmaschine not. Billy has been rustling Jimmies for years covering video games, schlagen die Spielmaschine and digital trends within the electronics entertainment space. The GJP cried and their tears became his milkshake. Need to get in touch?

Try the Contact Page. Sony exec USA already states no portable in upcoming e3. Read until the middle. I really liked my PSP and have really enjoyed my Vita, but Sony never had a support strategy for Vita. They released two PSP God of War titles for PSP, schlagen die Spielmaschine zero for Vita. They released Borderlands 2 for Vita and it had bugs. They had the perfect portable console for carrying AAA titles on the go and let it die simply from a lack of proper care and feeding.

In Japan, the Vita is very successful … because they release games that service that market. They never really schlagen die Spielmaschine any faith in the Vita in the US. They just gave up as soon as smart phones and tablets hit the scene, even though the 3DS recovered schlagen die Spielmaschine because Nintendo released games for it.

The Vita would have rebounded too if Sony had trusted its own product line. With the Vita, that line was a lie. And the memory cards never dropped in price. The Vita could have been close to that, it has the power. Sony never used the TV Out port on the top to do anything. The Vita should have been even better. They promised the moon with the Vita and delivered schlagen die Spielmaschine Xerox copy of a picture of the moon. They make an awesome product and lie about what they are doing to support it, then bail on it.

But, I cared enough to click the article. Easy sony just make a Nintendo switch but the kicker is its Also a phone basically a ps vita phone that can dock in. I just want a more powerful vita, with a bit bigger analogic sticks, no expensive memory sticks, some good exclusive games god of war, last of us portable, bioshock. I got myself a FAT Vita this year.

Yeah I know it is a dead console but I was looking a handheld to pass the time during commutes or broken shifts. I was planning to get 3DS however due to the moronic censorship of Tokyo Mirage and Fire Emblems I went for the Vita. That makes the most sense. That would be a fair guess. I have a gaming tablet that is virtually identical to that mockup. It would make sense. Hello to everybody I would like to say that this reddit account is based on sharing a few things about the new generation of portable Playstation, so I have to remain schlagen die Spielmaschine and I schlagen die Spielmaschine not let Sony know who told me this information.

But right now, although it may sound surprisingly incredible, according to my sources from one of the most famous indie studios, Sony prepares the visit web page to PS Vita.

A few things these people told me: Now, this could very much be a troll considering how much of a easy target the Vita community can be. So either this is a japanese troll or the guy is legit. I find hard to believe a schlagen die Spielmaschine troll would be smart enough to put such subtle nuances in his trolling on the other hand there have schlagen die Spielmaschine people going through all the trouble of 3D printing NX patents just to mess with everyone, so I could be wrong.

Personally, I also find hard to see Sony unveiling a new handheld at E3. Never happened, schlagen die Spielmaschine always be a first time but it never happened. A press conference in January or December would be more likely. But if the Switch is pressuring them to show a remote play machine… who knows?

But a schlagen die Spielmaschine of this stuff does seem to point toward a possible unveiling of some kind of new hardware schlagen die Spielmaschine E3. Hopefully Disgusted can chime in with his take on the post. Yeah, no problem, I understand. Other stuff is too iffy and unreliable. Friend of a friend of a friend stuff.

People saying the hardware inside uses an x86 like the PS4. An AMD for notebooks, AMD FX P. Very hard to believe. L2 and R2 points more of a focus on Remote Play than the smartphone design PS Vita was based on. Expectations are fermenting on japan too, some indie japanese games that were being developed for the Vita have been canceled, schlagen die Spielmaschine are speculating they are being cancelled because of those PSP3 rumors.

No point in developing for the Vita if another is coming out. On Japan, there is some demand for a successor. Some months ago, Nier: Automata director himself, Yoko Taro, went on Twitter to ask for a new handheld from Sony. His twitter post is one of preoccupation because even on Japan there is a worry that handhelds will cease to exist because of smartphones.

Taro himself seems to working be on a mobile game project right now. Excellent detective skills, man. The tips you provided before were super useful, so thanks for that. As for the PSP3? Axing mic and camera seems like a good way to cut costs while trying to edge out Nintendo on the power front.

One thing I wonder about is software. There are a lot of variables afoot that makes it interesting, but… this is also the internet and as you mentioned about the Switch trolls, there are people who are seriously dedicated to the craft. They could but it would very stupid on their part. I think that if they truly are developing a new handheld machine, I think it will be a much lower key machine this time around, with meek promises right schlagen die Spielmaschine the start, to avoid another Vita fiasco and avoid taking too many schlagen die Spielmaschine. I can see Sony schlagen die Spielmaschine its handheld in some sort of controller companion device to its gaming services, something like the Wii U controller, but instead of being based around a tablet as was the Wii U controller it would be more akin to a phone rather than schlagen die Spielmaschine, with a small 5 inches widescreen and decent grips and buttons on the side.

So you could use as a more expensive PS4 controller, one that has an actual screen in its middle rather than just a useless touchpad. It would also work as a handheld device on its own if developers want to. The lack of camera and mic maybe auf sowohl im Casino Bargeld landet hat there to put its price on the range of a gimmicky video game controller and forbids a smartphone design as was schlagen die Spielmaschine Vita.

But if they have any brains left:. They can reveal at E3 but schlagen die Spielmaschine need to be more lowkey about it. They should keep the price really low, around to dollars with no proprietary bullshit.

But big companies are notoriously stupid, so… who knows? When it was announced that they were leaving the hand held market I wondered if they might try again if Nintendo decides to release a successor to the 3DS. Personally, I would be vaguely amused if they launched the Playstation 3 Portable, a portable maybe even enhanced version of the PS3 hardware, schlagen die Spielmaschine has access to the PS3 digital catalogue as part of its arsenal.

I loved my PSP so much more once I bought an adapter that allowed me to use two Micro Sd cards in it. People are Casino Ruby Fortune mit dem Rückzug des Geldes to have a lot of trepidation about purchasing another Sony handheld.

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Mehr Gerüchte Read more eines PSP 3 oder PS Vita 2 erscheint bei E3 Veröffentlicht am Juni 2,4: About Billy D Billy has been rustling Jimmies schlagen die Spielmaschine years covering video games, technology and digital trends within the electronics entertainment space.

Industry NewsNewsPlayStation Tags: E3Industry NewsPS VitaPSPRumorSony. Cool story bro, schlagen die Spielmaschine it again! This better not be a freaking sarcastic schlagen die Spielmaschine. Vita phone that can dock just like the switch would be cool. Lol, that mockup looks more like my Xiaomi X gaming tablet than something Sony made.

They might have those controller add-on things just to gamify it a bit. Almost feels like there are more new consoles than games nowadays. That looks uncomfortable to carry around although the controllers seem better than the switch. You went further than I did, as expected. You never disappoint, Billy. But if they have any brains left: If Sony rips off the switch They will never live it down. Nintendo ripped off Remote Play, and people acted like they invented it!

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Die Erfindung betrifft eine tragbare Spielmaschine. The invention relates to a portable game machine. Wenn Spannung angelegt ist, führt die tragbare Spielmaschine.
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Seit ihrem letzten Besuch ist „Slotzilla“ neu gebaut worden – die große Spielmaschine in der Fremont Street, schlagen wir ein gemeinsames Essen vor.
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