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Poker Cheating and Casino Cheating Blog: All about Poker Launder Geld mit Kasino, Casino Cheats and Advantage Players, Be it Brick and Mortar, Live or Online Casinos and Poker Rooms. Detailed Posts about all the launder Geld mit Kasino Cheating Scams and Scandals. Sunday, June 29, Annie Duke Speaks Out Again on Absolute Poker and Ultimate Bet Cheating Scandals. The cheating scandals surrounding online poker sites UltimateBet.

This can be accessed at the Poker News Website, Duke has a long association with UltimateBet and has been involved in both operational and branding endorsement for the website.

Apparently last fall she was disenchanted with the way things were going and was thinking about distancing launder Geld mit Kasino from the enterprise. In January this year, the 'hole card' scandal broke and apparently the change of management that occurred convinced Duke to revise her position in a move that was "a big for me. Judging by her comments in the interview Duke is now firmly on board and confident that the historical problems have been fully addressed, although management is still considering the pursuit of those responsible.

This is apparently problematical due to legal considerations around identifying the culprits and under which jurisdiction to pursue them. Duke follows the company line in claiming that company revenues were not affected by the launder Geld mit Kasino, which is surprising when one considers the magnitude of the cheating and the editorial coverage it received.

The company strategy of recruiting big poker names to endorse the website is also apparent in her comments. Listening to the interview, there are confusing references to both 'change of management' and 'change of ownership'.

The UltimateBet story is not about to fade away. In her interview Duke confirmed information circulating for some months in the industry that the Erdbeer-Spielautomat ohne Registrierung television investigative program "60 Minutes" is about to air the scandals. Producers for the program contacted Duke whilst she was at the ongoing World Series of Poker, although she does not amplify what was discussed.

Subjectively speaking, we had the impression that this was a continuation of the damage control initiative which the "new management" has been so vigorously pursuing, suggesting that the impact of the cheating scandal launder Geld mit Kasino have been bigger than UB please click for source like to acknowledge. The role of the major poker forums in driving the resolution of these scandals also appeared to be underplayed, whilst the proposition that bashing UB was not good for the industry is arguable.

That said, the potential for harm to the industry's credibility that an adverse "60 Minutes" take on the affair is likely to have is a legitimate concern. Posted by Richard at July Scam of the Month Posted! My July scam of the month is "The Cooler. Macy, but rather of a very effective casino cheating scam used by dealers to rip off the casinos they work in. Click launder Geld mit Kasino to read about it. Thursday, June 26, New Roulette Tables To Fight Cheats.

Roulette tables may get touch screens to combat cheating! If Microsoft's "Surface" becomes a casino fixture next the slot machines, the touch-screen table computer will find plenty of company.

Not only are digital poker tables being developed--complete with "peel up" card corners so players can read their hands discreetly--but even touch-sensitive roulette games are on the way. Similar to radio frequency identification RFID technology, this latest "safe casino play" invention should be more successful than its forebearers, but as RFID technology has been very slow to catch on worldwide in casinos, we will have to wait and see just how much a pain in the The table can accommodate up to seven players landa Casino-Spielautomaten, thanks to the company's proprietary technology, it can identify each person's bet.

Like other digital casino products, the idea Online-Casino 2015 to speed the pace of play and reduce the chances of discrepancies or cheating. Because, as some of us have learned painfully over the years, fast play always favors the house.

To read a magazine article I wrote on RFID technology in casinos, click here. Tuesday, June 24, Bodog Signs Another Poker Cheat! Bodog Signs Reformed Justin Bonomo! It seems to be par for the course: Such is the case again, this time launder Geld mit Kasino Justin Bonomo, better known as "ZeeJustin" who was caught cheating by playing on multiple accounts on sites like Launder Geld mit Kasino and PokerStars.

To read more on previous online cheats who signed big poker deals, click here. Oh how I wish I had been caught cheating at online poker! Then I could have signed a big contract with Bodog too! Only problem, I was never an Stadt-App für Android für echtes poker cheat.

In launder Geld mit Kasino next life, I will have to consider changing professions! As reported by Jennifer Newell: On May 5th,Bodog Poker announced that it had launder Geld mit Kasino Justin Bonomo to its roster of pros, which already includes David Williams, Jean-Robert Bellande, and Evelyn Ng. Justin will represent Bodog both in live tournaments and online at Bodog, as well as possibly participating in other marketing and branding opportunities.

Poker pros ink deals launder Geld mit Kasino with online poker sites. Why is this one significant and worthy of a column? And though he didn't handle the scandal well when it happened—he was not even 21 years old—he has since matured, taken particular care to address the problem, and changed. When the scandal first broke in earlyJustin was not afraid to post on web forums with his excuses and justifications for using multiple accounts.

Granted, that is a simplification of his reasons for the sake of space in this column. Eventually, the wrath he felt from the poker community caused Justin to realize the impact of what he had done, and his justifications turned to apologies.

In his immaturity, he even attempted to strike a deal with PokerStars that would allow him to play on the site for several months, with all proceeds going to charity. This won't be a one-time thing. This is how Launder Geld mit Kasino want to live the rest of my life… Basically, I realize that what I've done is terrible, but I refuse to accept the fact that those launder Geld mit Kasino define me as a person.

I see this as a way to overcome what I've done, not as a poker player, or a wanna-be celebrity, but as a human being. Justin then took his poker skills to the live tables once he became of legal age to play in the United States.

He played tournaments humbly and quietly, not drawing any attention to himself. He allowed time to heal wounds, and in the year and a half that he has been on the circuit, he has eventually gained the respect of many poker players who have seen his remorse and witnessed his true love of the game. What makes Justin different from recent players involved in launder Geld mit Kasino scandals, like Sorel Mizzi and JJ Prodigy, is that he grew to understand the severity of his previous actions and let some time pass as he carefully repaired his image.

Though he's still in his very early twenties, he seems to have matured immensely. Players like Mizzi seem to expect immediate acceptance of whatever apology is issued, and they come to tournaments as cocky and full of themselves as ever.

As basic as it may seem, people need time to accept apologies and see another side of those players, and Mizzi launder Geld mit Kasino one launder Geld mit Kasino several who do not seem to understand this. Justin Bonomo has become a successful live tournament player, with final tables at EPT and WSOP events to his credit, as well as several near-televised WPT tables.

Posted by Richard at 8: Historic Rigged Roulette Cheating Wheel Found In Reno! We're a state built on gaming, but the thing about gambling is it also attracts cheaters. Monday, the University of Nevada Medical School helped out launder Geld mit Kasino a cheating scam no agent with the Gaming Control Board has seen before.

The wooden wheel spent 70 years in a Sacramento-area garage. A Reno couple bought it and learned it had a series of wires hidden inside. The wires were hooked up to four batteries wrapped in newspapers from the "Sacramento Bee" dating to December 31, We have a gaffed table,'" said owner Sharon Nickson Cox, "And to the best of our knowledge it's the only one in the world today that hasn't been destroyed by the mob or the feds.

And although any crime would have happened some 80 years ago likely in Californiathe Nevada Gaming Control Board is still curious, "We like to have accurate information in our files as to what happens, what has happened historically," launder Geld mit Kasino Edwards. Because as they say, history repeats itself. Sunday, June 22, Blackjack Cheat Snagged Cheating Church Blackjack Game! Blackjack cheating your local church!

I have heard of lows but that is about the lowest of all of them. Even I have never cheated at a church blackjack game! It turns out he was a card-mucker, palming cards aces and tens out of play and putting them back in when he needed them. WHEN THE KING of diamonds and the ace of spades kept coming up winners in Roland "Rico" Chapa's blackjack hands last year, a dealer at the church festival called in the pit boss.

Other players at the table accused Chapa, a year-old used-car dealer, of palming the cards from the deck. Money changed hands so fast at the St. Timothy Church fundraiser on July 14 that no one remembers how many hands Chapa played before pit boss Rob Gardner called him a cheat, said Assistant County Prosecutor Amanda Lowe.

Then festival organizers called authorities. Lowe called five witnesses on Friday to prove the rarely-used criminal code before Common Pleas Judge Richard S. One said a two of spades dropped from Chapa's slacks when he stood up to empty his pockets.

Chapa testified that he is a diabetic who drank too much that night and was left behind by two buddies. Chapa said sheriff's detectives have been after him for 10 years.

Chapa, who wore a white suit, black shirt and gold alligator belt buckle, seemed relaxed about his chances. When asked how long he has gambled, he replied, "Can I take the Fifth on that? Sheward set sentencing for Aug. His daughter Katrina said authorities have harassed Chapa for more than 30 years. Defense attorney Lewis T.

Dye told jurors that his client was too drunk to cheat. Chapa's apartment at Sawmill Village Dr. He agreed to plead to one count of gambling. According to a search warrant, an investigation found that Chapa met customers at area sports bars and offered to take their bets for a 10 percent service charge.

Bets also were placed at the car lot where Chapa works. An affidavit used to obtain the warrant said Chapa told a detective that he had been a bookmaker and "gangster" for more than 30 years.

Computerworld Magazine Uses Online Poker To Demonstrate Rampant Insider Cheating In The Business World. When determining the risk to a system and the data stored on it, insider threats are generally regarded as lower risk. Despite the complete access high risk that insiders generally have, most of the time insiders are trusted agents very low risk on the network. When it breaks down, it can break down in a catastrophic manner, especially if there is money at stake.

One such incident took place in the middle of last year when one or more individuals with trusted access to the systems of UltimateBet and Absolute Poker used that access to create several fake usernames and used them to make an undisclosed amount of money off online poker players.

While creating the fake player accounts may not necessarily be cheating, it was the use of please click for source that allowed the insiders to view the competing players' hole cards which was.

In addition to the fine, Absolute Poker will be subject to random auditing over the next 24 months, at their expense. Related Content Scientists build robot that can see more itselfWill gadgets make knowledge obsolete? Five things you should never tell your bossIT pro's vacation planner: Must you unplug to unwind?

Thieves steal tapes holding 2. Online poker playing has always been surrounded by the whispers of cheating when it comes to the actions of other players at the table and ongoing investigations with Absolute Launder Geld mit Kasino turned up a more serious cheating scheme that had been operational for 21 months, completely encompassing the above incident, but unrelated.

When big money is on the virtual table for playing a card game across the Internet, people are going to be motivated to do what they can to weight the odds in their favor. Questions should now be asked about the sale of UltimateBet and Absolute Poker, given that the cheating was launder Geld mit Kasino to have been ongoing from before the sale October launder Geld mit Kasino that the individuals involved were shown to be linked to the company prior to the sale.

With potentially multi-million dollar losses, fines, and refunds Geld im Casino Online to be paid out there may launder Geld mit Kasino a case to be made against the previous owners.

New Florida Casino Cheats Candy Store Ready For Cheat Action! Today the Seminole Hard Rock Hotel-Casino near Hollywood, Florida, expanded its casino to include a host of table games including blackjack, roulette, craps and poker carnival games such as Caribbean Stud, Pai Gow Poker and others.

What does this mean as far as cheating is concerned? If I were still a cheating man, I launder Geld mit Kasino be on the next plane to Fort Lauderdale, then driving my rental car to the Hard Rock Casino. Then I would run to the first new table game I saw, pop in a cheat move, then another and another As many of you might know from reading my book " American Roulette ," new casinos which the Hard Rock qualifies as since it is new to casino table games are extremely vulnerable launder Geld mit Kasino professional cheating teams, and the Hard Rock is going to get hit I have often stated that the only way I would ever come out of retirement to cheat casinos is if legalized gambling came to Miami Beach.

Well, I wish them a lot of luck! Oh what bloodbaths they were for my cheating team! I will keep you current on all the cheating action I hear about in Hollywood. Swiss National Newspaper Article on Richrad Marcus. I was quite surprised to see that the Swiss are so interested in the life of a casino cheater, but I guess with the tremendous box office success of the blackjack movie "21," the whole world is enraptured by stories of how people beat casinos.

If you want to read a very similar article in English, read this FHM article about my casino cheating career. Die Abkürzung zur ersten MillionPräzises Timing, Psychologie und ein bisschen Mumm.

Ein Amerikaner, der mit Betrug am Roulettetisch 20 Millionen Dollar verdient haben will, verrät seinen besten Trick. Über zehn Jahre lang betrogen die beiden Amerikaner mit weiteren Komplizen die grossen Kasinos dieser Welt: Las Vegas, Atlantic City, Monte Carlo, Baden-Baden. Marcus war der Kopf der Bande: Rien ne va plus! Marcus hatte die geschicktesten Hände.

Von ihm stammten auch die Ideen für immer neue Betrugsvarianten. Und das habe ich auch geschafft: Mein -Spielzug ist der beste Kasino-Trick aller Zeiten. Da können Sie jeden Experten in der Branche fragen.

Und als er schliesslich auch am Spieltisch gut wurde, haben wir die Kasinos nur so ausgenommen. Sein erstes grosses Geld verdiente er mit Pferdewetten. Das launder Geld mit Kasino sein Ticket nach Las Vegas. Im Hotel-Casino Riviera nahm er ein Zimmer, und er gewann. Nach einer Woche hatte er Dollar. Doch der neue Reichtum zerrann schneller, als Marcus ihn angesammelt hatte. In einer einzigen Nacht verlor er alles.

Als er die Hotelrechnung nicht mehr bezahlte, landete er auf der Strasse. Ohne Geld, ohne Job und ohne Ausbildung. Von seinen New Yorker Freunden wollte ihm niemand Geld leihen, und seine Eltern wollten nichts mehr link ihm wissen. Nach ein paar Wochen ergatterte er einen Job im Four-Queens-Kasino.

Nach zehn Monaten setzte sich ein Mann an Marcus' Baccara-Tisch. Jeweils am Ende seines Dienstes präparierte er den Kartenstapel, so dass Classon in der folgenden Schicht abkassieren konnte. Das funktionierte so gut, dass sich Marcus für eine Karriere als professioneller Betrüger entschied.

Er kündigte seinen Job und wurde festes Mitglied in Joe Classons Betrügerbande. Dabei verändert man seinen Wetteinsatz, wenn das Spiel schon entschieden ist. Er hat mir auch beigebracht, wie wichtig die Psychologie ist. Jedes Gehirn ist manipulierbar. In einem seiner erfolgreichsten Spielzüge Marcus in einem vierköpfigen Team: Er selbst, der als Mechaniker die eingesetzten Chips vertauscht; eine schöne Frau, die den Gewinn für sich reklamiert, und zwei Hilfs-Wetter, deren Aufgabe es ist, den Croupier für den Bruchteil einer Sekunde abzulenken.

Alle vier Teammitglieder beziehen zunächst ihre Position am Tisch. Die Frau besitzt zunächst fünf Dollar-Chips.

Einen tauscht sie gegen 1-Dollar-Chips ein und baut damit fünf Stapel vor sich auf. In den hintersten Stapel mischt sie zwei Dollar-Chips und übergibt unbemerkt zwei weitere an den Mechaniker, der nun ebenfalls einen gemischten Stapel zusammenstellt. Der Croupier kann die gemischten Stapel jedoch nicht sehen, weil sie hinter den niederwertigen Stapeln verborgen sind.

Jetzt setzt die Spielerin jeweils fünf 1-Dollar-Chips auf neun unterschiedliche Zahlen. Dies gelingt unbemerkt, weil der Croupier für den Bruchteil einer Sekunde wegsehen muss, wenn er die strategisch placierten Einsätze der Hilfs-Wetter abräumt. Der Croupier würde misstrauisch, wenn plötzlich Dollar-Chips im Gewinnstapel launder Geld mit Kasino. Er würde sich weigern, den Gewinn auszuzahlen, ohne die Videoaufnahmen zu überprüfen.

Die Spielerin schiebt ihren gemischten Stapel in den Vordergrund. Dann beginnt launder Geld mit Kasino laut auszurufen: Wo sind meine beiden Dollar-Chips? Ich habe sie verloren. Mein Mann bringt mich um! Dann aber, im selben Moment, in dem der Croupier die beiden Dollar-Chips im Gewinnstapel entdeckt, bricht die Spielerin in lauten Jubel aus: Ich kann es nicht fassen. Ich habe sie aus Versehen gesetzt, und sie haben gewonnen. Ich habe gerade Dollar gewonnen, ! Und schliesslich bekommt er auch noch einen Dollar-Chip als Trinkgeld.

Sechsmal wurde er in einem Hinterzimmer befragt. Beendet hat er seine Betrüger-Karriere, weil er genug verdient hatte. Von den 20 Millionen, blieben ihm 7. Nichts, was Sie dem Casino können Geld abheben, Herr Marcus? Ich liebte den Adrenalin-Kick. Wenn ich etwas bedaure, dann dass ich keine Familie habe. Meine Ehe ist gescheitert, aber das lag nicht an mir, sondern an der Drogensucht meiner Frau.

Die zahlen mir Dollar pro Tag. Sie zahlen mir Dollar pro Tag. With new slot machine-only casinos popping up at racetracks all over the country and in states like Launder Geld mit Kasino, cheat-wise employees are going into business for themselves.

I have gathered information from both inside sources and newspapers that launder Geld mit Kasino some inventive new slot cheating scams put down by casino launder Geld mit Kasino. Gaming regulators say the crime - one of the largest in years - shows a vulnerability in casino security that could lead to new surveillance standards.

The theft began in Launder Geld mit Kasino and allegedly involved three slot workers who, over several months, manipulated software that prints slot machine payout tickets. They allegedly worked with two accomplices Ruby Fortune die beste Maschine auf posed as customers and cashed launder Geld mit Kasino tickets.

One defendant, slot technician Seferino Romero, pleaded guilty last month and will be sentenced in Clark County District Court launder Geld mit Kasino Jan. Felony theft carries a maximum year prison term. The Orleans incident shows that other casinos are similarly vulnerable to inside jobs by casino workers, security experts say. Employee theft - sometimes as simple as pocketing cash or chips - is a recurring problem in the cash-rich industry, which can corrupt the most trusted employees.

Most crimes are not publicized by casinos and regulators are reluctant to discuss them for fear of tipping thieves to new techniques. Four other defendants are awaiting arraignment next year on felony theft charges. In this case, Orleans workers printed winning tickets on test machines in a back room, using software allowing the machines to mimic machines on the slot floor that had been turned off, investigators told the Sun. The tickets were for relatively small amounts - a few hundred dollars each - to escape the notice of casino bosses.

Stealing from cashless machines is a new challenge for thieves. Casinos have turned from coin slot machines to ticket machines because they are easily played and maintained and had been considered more secure than old-generation coin slots, which skilled thieves could quickly compromise using mechanical tools such as magnets and metal wands. And therein lies the problem - and the solution - for casinos. The good news for casinos is that "these are no longer easy scams" and can mostly be defeated with "strong internal controls," Markling said.

Michael Crump, a Fresno-based slot security consultant, said read article Orleans case is typical of an emerging scam that is foiling casinos nationwide.

Many casinos rely on manufacturers to create security clearances for casino employees to access their slot tracking software, said Crump, a former executive with Boyd Gaming in Las Vegas. But those casinos may lose track of what clearances those employees have, allowing them to exploit the system later on, he said. Regulators worried about surveillance and the casino offered to post either a security guard or a slot technician at the machines.

At the meeting, board member Randy Sayre said ticket machines may not be as secure as industry executives would like to believe. Regulators generally require surveillance cameras on remote machines, though regulations specify dedicated cameras only for big jackpot machines. Cameras may not stop an actual theft but they can be used to watch employees who might be breaking some procedure by, say, not being on the floor when they should, Crump said.

Still, security clearances, rather than surveillance, are the real culprit in this case, he said. He says a standard policy for surveillance of remote machines would help casinos and regulators combat crooks. Sayre wonders whether manning the machines with a gaming employee would be preferable to a guard, who is trained to spot underage gamblers but perhaps not as familiar with the technical aspects of the games and how they can be compromised by cheats.

Casinos lose an estimated 6 percent of revenue to internal theft, which is chalked up as a cost of doing business, Crump said. Many thieves prefer to ply their trade at smaller casinos outside of Nevada with cruder security mechanisms, he said. But Las Vegas eventually attracts the most accomplished and polished criminals, who try their hand here "to prove they can get away with it. Beal, 31, and Fernando Lechuga, 25, both of Phoenix, will be tried in January for theft by an officer or employee of a gaming establishment on Indian lands.

A review of surveillance tapes confirmed the jackpots never occurred. This is the first potential scandal for the fledgling industry, which is both heavily regulated and heavily taxed by the state. The largest newspaper in Broward County, the Sun-Sentinel, had the story first but got cold feet and decided not to publish it.

FDLE spokeswoman Paige Patterson-Hughes confirmed that her agency, which has a regulatory office on Gulfstream grounds in Hallandale Beach, is criminally investigating the casino, although she declined to provide any details. The investigation is centered on promotional cards used to generate interest in the slot machines, according to sources in the gambling industry and in Tallahassee.

Gulfstream employees are alleged to have exploited the promotion either by playing with large amounts of money on the cards or by their unauthorized selling. Cards used to test the machines also may have been involved in the scam, sources say.

Sources also indicate that a Gulfstream executive has been removed from his post while this investigation continues.

Gulfstream spokesman Mike Mullaney was almost laughably coy about this. Mardi Gras would have caught the anomalous numbers immediately, Adkins said, due launder Geld mit Kasino its "controls and sophisticated accounting system.

Steve Geller, who confirmed that the FDLE investigation involves launder Geld mit Kasino misused nonredeemable credits, launder Geld mit Kasino pari-mutuels are so strictly regulated that any scams are bound to be discovered sooner or later.

Mullaney said Gulfstream has fully cooperated with the investigation. Mullaney said Holland asked him questions and told him the daily newspaper was going to publish an article about the investigation nearly two weeks ago. Sources at the Sun-Sentinel say his article about the investigation was edited and vetted click at this page a lawyer, then killed at the last minute.

Launder Geld mit Kasino regularly runs large ads in the Sun-Sentinel. Maucker did not return my calls for comment. Others at the Sun-Sentinel say they heard the story was not published because editors launder Geld mit Kasino concerned that it used unnamed sources and because editors were worried that such news could harm the gambling industry.

Some in the newsroom were angered by the decision. At the same time, the paper is undergoing what its management calls "transformative change.

The idea is to better serve advertising clients as well as readers, even as readers fall away. Traditionally, reporting has been kept strictly separate from the interests click the following article advertisers. Scam 4 Intelligence received: A casino reports the detection of an employee working in collusion with outside agents to steal downloadable credits from slot machines.

A significant amount of money was stolen. Some of the tells seen when these cards were used: Posted by Richard at 9: Friday, June article source, Ripping Off Las Vegas Three Times A Day! The term was born in recognition of the bust-outs who preferred eating in casinos to soup kitchens when they went broke.

So after the meal when the waitress put the check on the table, the bust-out simply rolled it up inside his folded newspaper and walked out, launder Geld mit Kasino not before stopping at the cash register to change a quarter for two dimes and a nickel, just to make it look good in case the waitress was watching as she cleared her table.

If the bust-out was completely broke, then at the cash register he stopped only for a toothpick or a mint. In Las Vegas hundreds sometimes thousands of checks are rolled every day, more than launder Geld mit Kasino other city. He did it three times a day, reading his newspaper as he peacefully ate breakfast, lunch and dinner, then folded the check inside the paper and waltzed by the cash register and out the door.

He kept records launder Geld mit Kasino his escapades, which avoided his going to the same coffee shop too soon. Ninety-nine times out of a hundred he was clean as a whistle. No one noticed him go. But once in a while a sharp waitress caught on to him and followed him to the register. When she saw he grabbed a toothpick instead of paying the check and then screamed for him to come back and pay, which of course launder Geld mit Kasino never did, the chase was on.

Neal Beat A Meal always got away but sometimes it was a close shave, especially when he had to run through casinos launder Geld mit Kasino escape security guards.

Finally, word of his jaunts through the coffee shops spread up and down the Strip and casino security forces began an all-out operation to snag him.

They gleaned photos of him taken from casino surveillance cameras, blew them up to life-size images launder Geld mit Kasino hung them on the walls of coffee shop kitchens so the wait staff would recognize him on the spot. Then they began lying in wait for him outside the restaurants. But launder Geld mit Kasino were no match for the seasoned meal-beater. Neal Beat A Meal would not even let them spoil his appetite. Nor would he cut short Ist es möglich, in Online-Casino-Bewertungen zu verdienen meals, always ordering sumptuous desserts like launder Geld mit Kasino and cheesecake after his main course at lunch and dinner.

Finally, the Las Vegas police were called in. But Neal Beat A Meal caught on to them, too. And he enjoyed a challenge. So he began making his thrice a day outings to casino coffee shops in disguise. Sometimes with a cane, sometimes as a cowboy. Even as a woman. Not to give himself away, he made sure to vary the dishes he chose from the menu. He also abandoned the newspaper, which really threw the cops for a loop.

He blissfully read the article about himself as he took his morning coffee with pancakes, eggs and hash browns. And this time they took no chances.

They called for backup and link cops covered every exit out of the casino. He worked there twenty years. Then one night while carrying his tray he had a heart attack and died. Posted by Richard at 1: But Does It Work? Hybrid Roulette Computers are the latest phase of roulette cheating, but the pricetag on it is a bit hefty: Launder Geld mit Kasino it is worth it? Before I tell you, read all about them launder Geld mit Kasino, lots of hype like all the other roulette computer hawkers, but is Von Spielautomaten für Geldschränke spielen ungünstigsten one finally the real deal?

Well, we shall see. HOW TO WIN AT ROULETTE! Cheat at roulette with a powerful electronic devices that have literally won millions LEGAL in most countries. This is the only device of its kind available anywhere. What is a Hybrid Roulette Computer?

Point a hidden camera at the wheel, and a launder Geld mit Kasino tells you where the ball will land. It's the Hybrid Roulette Computer System - by far the most effective roulette prediction device available anywhere, and the most effective way to win at roulette.

This is not exactly a roulette strategy, it is an electronic cheating device. The Hybrid continue reading the envy of other casinos cheating technology and roulette strategy developers.

It is not available anywhere else, and no other cheating device is anywhere near as effective or covert. Indeed we do use it ourselves, but there are far too many casinos world-wide for us to apply it in all casinos, which is why we can afford to offer a few of them publicly.

Let us make this perfectly clear: The technology is not to be taken lightly. Additionally, as we use the technology ourselves, we do launder Geld mit Kasino offer it to just anyone - you must meet us personally and meet specific security requirements.

See a personal demonstration We have conducted many demonstrations of our launder Geld mit Kasino to both large and small audiences.

On most occasions though, group sizes range from 1 to 15 individuals. One of our demonstrators exhibiting our Hybrid Roulette Computer. The actual camera for the Hybrid can be miniature and kept close to the wheel, or hidden as far as 50 meters from the wheel. It can even obtain a view of the wheel from ceiling reflections to ensure line-of-sight.

We prefer to keep groups small and personal. Demonstrations to larger audiences are more to establish clear proof of effectiveness with many witnesses, whereas demos to smaller audiences are more for serious players who have intent to purchase our technology. If you are seeing launder Geld mit Kasino demonstration with intent to purchase, you are required to sign a non-disclosure agreement, and there are other requirements specified on the purchase page.

If you are merely curious, you can attend a larger group demo, although such public demonstrations are censored, and you only see what you need to see to know without a doubt our claims are accurate. For example, at a larger group demo, you will clearly see accuracy rates of 1 inbut you will not be permitted to inspect the equipment or be privy to information relating to launder Geld mit Kasino operation.

But if you attend a personal demo with intent to purchase, you will see everything. Launder Geld mit Kasino, at any of our launder Geld mit Kasino, you can see other roulette cheating devices - you can test them personally and decide for yourself if competing devices are scams.

Unfortunately we've found other geben Online-Casino nicht of roulette prediction technology blatantly lie about launder Geld mit Kasino products - most cheating device sellers are extremely dishonest.

How they work and why they are ineffective. We know very well an important factor for beating casinos is anonymity. In most cases we require photo ID before admittance is granted, and our security staff may note details such as your driver's license number, although such information is retained purely for security reasons. If you wish to purchase censored video or Partei spielen Gold Spielautomaten of a public demonstration, or to attend a public or private demonstration, please contact us.

How effective is the Hybrid? Once the camera is aimed, the equipment automatically predicts where the ball is most likely to land. The ball and wheel speed is measured automatically, so there is no human error involved, and user skill or fatigue is irrelevant. This enables extremely launder Geld mit Kasino and early predictions to win, without many manual clicks of a button as is traditionally doneand without the user needing to even look at the wheel.

Predictions are relayed to one or more players, and if you bet on just one number, you win once about every spins, without even needing to look at the wheel. This is an enormous edge over the casino, and it's completely covert. If you bet on just one number, you win once every times, instead of the usual 1in 37 times. You don't just beat roulette, you obliterate the house edge But is it LEGAL?

Contrary to popular belief, this computer system is actually LEGAL in approximately launder Geld mit Kasino of the world's casinos. How is this possible? It is because most gaming laws state that a player may not force or influence the outcome of spins, but they do not at all state your cannot "predict" spins. This provides Hybrid players with a unique and perfectly legal strategy for earning potentially millions, yes millions.

It will not be an opportunity that will last forever though. But legal or not, of course casinos don't like you applying such technology to beat roulette.

If they find you launder Geld mit Kasino using a cheating device, they can and will likely ban you. This is why such cheating devices must be applied covertly. Covert application does not make it illegal, and you can't be charged for winning if you aren't breaking any laws.

Purchasers are told exactly where the device is legal. However, purchasers should always do their own research for confirmation. Roulette cheating devices are LEGAL in most jurisdictions because they do not influence game outcomes - they merely predict them.

We're not in the business of helping players break the law. If you purchase any of our technology, you are required to sign agreements stating your will not use the technology to play roulette illegally. However, application is mostly legal anyway. But that doesn't mean casinos will permit the technology, which is why it is applied covertly.

How much does it cost? There are different versions of the Hybrid, and many equipment options available. Ultimately the options you choose determines launder Geld mit Kasino price. What are the options? To maintain secrets, you need to visit us personally to discuss the full range of options. However, a basic outline of two different packages you can purchase are below: Full Package The best of everything for highest accuracy possible Accuracy direct number hit rate: Almost all components are entirely custom-made to ensure small launder Geld mit Kasino, covertness, accuracy and practicality.

You receive everything from a miniature x zoom camera, to state of the art launder Geld mit Kasino custom-made image recognition engines [IREs] that can determine the ball's location within an accuracy of 5mm per video frame. Basic Package The bare essentials for covert and practical application Accuracy direct number hit rate: For example, you receive a 40x zoom camera instead of the x zoom camera. Additionally, the image recognition processor is less powerful, although still determines the launder Geld mit Kasino location within an launder Geld mit Kasino accurate of 10mm per video frame.

Overall, the components launder Geld mit Kasino larger and launder Geld mit Kasino covert, although by no means difficult to conceal. The above packages are regarding version 1 Hybrids only. Hybrid version 2 is not available to the public. You can add components to the basic package to suit your needs. You must visit us personally launder Geld mit Kasino discuss details and pricing of optional components.

There is an enormous range of options to choose from, each with varying associated costs. The only way to obtain details of the options is to visit us personally - after all you need to physically see and test the various options and components to know what you want, and we need to teach you how to use the equipment. It's not a matter of how much you can win, it's how much you can win without drawing undue attention. Availability and stock is strictly limited. While we have recently launder Geld mit Kasino able to purchase additional stock, we have no plans to purchase further stock.

This means once the current stock is sold or used by partners, the opportunity will not be available any longer. Browse our site and learn more. To acquire our Hybrid, please first Contact Us to schedule a meeting in person with us.

You will witness a full demonstration on a real wheel and see full capabilities before purchasing. If you are not interested in cheating devices, learn about our roulette strategy. Remember, the most important point about any roulette computer play is the same as in blackjack card counting: Stay under the heat and be content to win little chunks of money at a time.

In the long run you will last launder Geld mit Kasino lot longer and win more money. Posted by Richard at 6: Wednesday, June 18, Are Online Casinos As Cheat Risky As Online Poker Rooms? You certainly can feel safer while gambling at online casinos playing blackjack, craps, roulette and baccarat than you can while playing online poker, right? Of course you can! Because when just click for source are playing any of those casino games you are playing against the casino only.

Even more important is launder Geld mit Kasino fact that while playing in online casinos you face much less risk of being cheated by employees of the sites or ex-employees of the sites who have access to the source codes. This kind of cheating would not occur in online blackjack, roulette or craps games because other players would launder Geld mit Kasino absolutely nothing from your losses.

There could not be bots or collusion efforts against you either. Does this mean you are absolutely free of cheating threats while gambling at online casinos? No, but it makes you launder Geld mit Kasino safer than source playing online launder Geld mit Kasino. So in all, do not worry about being cheated in online casinos. Sunday, June 15, What Is The Real Future Of Online Poker?

In the past year we have seen one major launder Geld mit Kasino poker cheating scam after another. They have come from the inside, from the outside, from the deeper inside, from the farther outside, and from the middle of all of that. We have seen multi-accounting, botting, collusion, hole-card-peeking, funds-stealing and even sophisticated money laundering schemes through online poker accounts. But does all this mean that online poker is doomed the way I said it was?

Well, if I had to answer this question right now, I would say that online poker will not be extinct in eight more years, but I would also say that unless some serious measures are taken and I do not know if those measures are even possible to offset much of the cheatingwe will have very little honest online poker games going on. But the irony of that launder Geld mit Kasino outlook is that it might not even matter.

People playing online poker might come to think of cheating as the norm and accept it, which means that it might just become incorporated as part of the strategy of the game.

For instance, the competition of thinking simple and complex poker strategies we see now might give way to a competition of writing simple and complex poker programs. The use of sophisticated bots equipped with artificial intelligence might become so ordinary that hooking them up will be nothing more out of the ordinary than keying in your credit card numbers or whatever the source of your account funding might be.

Before we even had online poker we had five- and seven-card stud in brick and mortar poker launder Geld mit Kasino. And just the same, cheating may become just that of online link. The point is that the cheating might only serve to increase the competition, as we have seen in several mock or serious bot tournaments, depending how you look at them.

Whatever the case, I now hardly believe that online poker will ever disappear from the cyberworld, and inasmuch I doubt that online sites will ever be able to stop launder Geld mit Kasino the cheating…from either the inside, outside, middle, top or bottom.

What I do think is that online poker will go on launder Geld mit Kasino of its degree of corruption. Online-Casino-Klavier-Agent, June 13, Are Online Poker Sites Purposely Cheating Their Players? According to a MajorWager interview with Jay Lakin of Pokersourceonline.

My first inclination was to decline the invitation since my articles generally don't focus on poker. But as a result of many incidents occurring with online poker of late including the scandals at Absolute Poker and Ultimate BetI decided to take Mr.

Lakin up on his offer. After all, Jay is very close with all the poker sites and knows the ins and outs of the industry as well as anyone online. There were no restrictions on my line of questioning. My first question to Jay concerned the Absolute Poker and Ultimate Bet scandals. For anyone who isn't familiar with the incidents, both sites were found to have "super users" that were able to see the hole cards of other players.

The case was brought to light last year when a player in one of Absolute Poker's large buy-in tournaments suspected that another player at the table was playing unusually and he believed he was somehow cheating.

Absolute Poker sent the player a list with Spiel gesetzt keenway Kassen 20 Artikel hand that was played at the table along with information on the observers. After examining each hand it was clear that the winner was indeed cheating. The cheater was a former manager at the site who had the ability to see launder Geld mit Kasino hole cards of other players and played accordingly, easily winning the tournament.

For their part Absolute Poker did a full investigation and subsequently refunded the entry fee for all the players in the tournament. Recently the same thing happened at Ultimate Bet, which like Absolute Poker operates from Kahnawake.

Launder Geld mit Kasino obvious question regarding the scandal was, why it launder Geld mit Kasino allowed to occur in the first place? Why do these super users exist? What possible reason is there for a site to have the ability to see hole cards? Seeing the hole cards would tell if the software was operating correctly. Unfortunately a couple of seedy managers who still had access to the supervisor accounts after leaving the company decided to use it to cheat others.

Lakin says he knows the owners of both launder Geld mit Kasino well, however, and is certain that the supervisor accounts were not left open on purpose.

Lakin also noted that Launder Geld mit Kasino Poker made full restitution to players, and then added some security features to their software to try and stop any similar recurrence. One such feature was a block on any account from changing a screen name. Apparently this was a common technique to try and block one's identity from others. Asked what could be done to ensure incidents like that never occur again or that collusion doesn't occur in Poker, Lakin said it was impossible.

People can create virtual accounts, they can launder Geld mit Kasino up IP addresses, use Proxy servers, etc. The companies try to stop the cheating, but if someone is savvy enough they visit web page get around it," Lakin stated. The poker operators also have very sophisticated technology running algorithms, tracking IP addresses, looking for transfers between players, etc.

But Lakin suggested the only real way to catch cheaters is for the players to step up to the plate when they see something fishy going on, as happened with the Absolute Poker incident. My next question to Jay concerned the sites themselves and whether he thought that they tampered with the software to ensure bad launder Geld mit Kasino in the lower dollar games as many have contended.

The belief here is that while software is run by a random number generator, the RNG can be set in such a way that it only gives random numbers within launder Geld mit Kasino range on the turn and river for certain games in an attempt to affect the outcome.

The reasoning behind this is that it would provide incentive for the fish to keep playing believing they are good players. Note, while I never believed personally in the theory, the question has been raised on various poker forums. In Jay's opinion, the whole notion that poker sites are purposely cheating players is ludicrous.

While he has a bit more hesitation about online casinos where the house makes money on players losing, Jay thinks it would be insane for a poker site to launder Geld mit Kasino its own throat by cheating players when the site has no vested interest in which players win.

Jay believes the bad beats that occur frequently in low dollar games and tournaments are a result of players playing too many hands and poor play in general. Whenever someone loses with pocket aces to suited in a real game it's the luck of the draw.

When someone loses with the same hand online it's because the fix is in. According to one poker site, it has a staff member whose main job is to respond to complaints that the site is rigged. The staff member has to explain that more hands are played online than in real games, as well as other facts that explain bad beats. Jay also believes that 888 10 kopecks Casino-Spiel lower staked hands feature people who graduate link the free games and the.

If you want to improve you have to play for real money. My two main questions were: Jay said that he is not affiliated with PPA and personally launder Geld mit Kasino that all online gambling should be legal, but he fully understands PPA's desire to want to disassociate itself from other forms of gambling. He also isn't convinced that sites like Betfair or Matchbook is skill simply because one player sets the line and another takes it.

Jay's feeling is that as long as they stick to their guns of trying to legalize the skill game of poker, PPA has a shot. If PPA were to venture off track they could lose the battle. In Jay's mind the UIGEA carved out exemptions for horse racing and lotteries which are clearly based only on luck. Therefore the belief is that if a law can make exemptions for games of luck it must provide exemptions for games of skill.

Nevertheless, Jay also feels that if poker is legalized eventually courts will rule that all gambling must be legalized. It makes no sense. For his part, Jay makes it clear that his site is just an affiliate site and not associated with PPA.

Pokersourceonline does post news articles on all gambling and often features ones from MajorWager. Their forum, devoted to poker, has overmembers. During the discussion of the the UIGEA and the PPA an interesting side discussion took place regarding the law about promotion of gambling.

The Feds seem to want to outlaw promotion of gambling, as can be seen by the cases launched by the DOJ against Google, Yahoo, Esquire and The Sporting News, yet every televised poker event features all the stars in Poker Stars or Full Tilt Poker gear. For my part I assumed it had to do with the fact the players wore shirts that had. Full Tilt and Poker Stars aren't paying these celebrities hundreds of thousands of dollars and paying tournament fees to promote an "information site. All the magazines operate in the U.

They all run poker ads, but the difference between them and The Sporting News is that poker ads represented a tiny percentage of the advertising for The Sporting News. For Bluff and Card Player it's everything. Bluff and Card Player magazine, on the Spielautomat Aladin hand, are able to operate strictly due to poker ads. Consequently if they were to agree to drop poker advertising for their magazines they may as well fold pardon the pun.

Similarly, with players like Phil Ivey, Allan Cunningham and Chris Ferguson, the advertising gear they launder Geld mit Kasino gives them a reason to play in all these tournaments.

They are American citizens and have the launder Geld mit Kasino to wear what they want. Jay is convinced that the reason the magazines and players were not approached by the DOJ and told to cease advertising gambling ads as The Sporting News was told to do is that the players, realizing their future earnings could be at stake, and the magazines, realizing their existence is on the line, would take the Department of Justice to court.

And the last thing the DOJ wants is to test the law in the courts. Until now the law has never really been tested and spielen Online-Casino mit den Mindestsätzen government is fearful that perhaps if the case does go to the courts, the judges will rule that the law is a violation of free speech. If that happens it would open up the floodgates to advertising in the U.

So the easiest way for the DOJ to accomplish their goal is to go only after companies it knows won't challenge them in the court of law. It is noteworthy that poker is often testing the reach of the law and thus far has not been touched.

The World Poker Tour has a site called clubwpt. The site makes it clear that "it's not gambling" because people don't actually have money in their account, but really there is no difference in paying a fee to play in a tournament at Full Tilt Poker or paying a fee to play in a tournament at clubwpt.

The World Poker Tour also has a site that offers gambling but not to American players. Lastly, I questioned Jay Lakin about the Party Poker billion dollar offer to settle with the Department of Justice. I couldn't fathom why a company would pay a billion dollars for such a minor thing as the option of stepping foot again in the United States. Lakin agreed there could be other extenuating circumstances, such as a sweet deal for Party Gaming if and when online gambling becomes legal in the United States, but he's not sure that's the main impetus.

Asked why Poker Stars and Full Tilt Poker seem to be getting off unscathed by the DOJ, Lakin points out that both places are located offshore. Poker Stars is in the Isle of Man, and unlike the owners of Party Poker, the owners of Poker Stars likely couldn't care less click at this page they step foot in the U.

Moreover, only Party Poker was incorporated and needs to answer to shareholders and the regulatory body where they are incorporated. The owners and management of Poker Stars and Full Tilt Poker only have to answer to themselves. Asked it he had a preference in the upcoming U. And all bills that counter the UIGEA are being put forth by Democrats. I'm sure George Bush and John McCain play poker as well.

But it's not about playing poker, it's about the superiority of telling you that they believe what's better for you than you do. Online Poker And Casino Owners Are Cheats Themselves! No one launder Geld mit Kasino be surprised by this, but a study has come out that confirms our greatest fears One of the myriad of problems caused by the United States' continuing attempts to prohibit online gambling and shut down online casinos is the unintended consequence that remaining online operators tend to be less scrupulous.

The studt determined this via a random sampling of owners. By trying to cast all online gambling activity as criminal, the U. Men like Calvin Ayre, sporting lengthy histories of legal shenanigans, take advantage of opportunities law-abiding citizens may regretfully decline.

Just as prohibition of alcohol did not prevent click the following article, but rather created a go here of vicious robber barons, prohibition of online gambling has given great wealth to untrustworthy men. Regulation would ensure honesty and fairness in play, avoiding unseemly scandals such as the recent cheating discovered at UltimateBet and AbsolutePoker.

It would also bring in a huge source of tax revenue, rather than spending millions prosecuting dubious cases. There is no doubt online gaming is an expanding and growing business. The United States could solve the issues listed above and placate their trade partners, all by simply enacting a reasonable plan for launder Geld mit Kasino. So please read this little tale and enjoy a laugh before you go back to your favorite online poker room and risk getting scammed, cheated, defrauded, bilked or even worse!

On the Internet, no one knows your dog plays poker, but PokerBlokes. Investigators are describing it as the largest theft of play money in history.

According to a police report, two men showed up at PokerBlokes headquarters on Saturday morning, posing as florists. One man distracted an employee while the other man set a large potted plant in the lobby. The pot was large enough to hide a wireless router attached to a car battery.

The men spent the rest of Saturday and all day Sunday downloading chips. The theft was discovered on Monday morning when players couldn't access the play money in their accounts. Blake "Bloke" Dodge, the site's owner, told reporters he may be forced to shut down if the chips aren't recovered quickly. They're taking their winnings to other poker sites.

The exodus is bleeding us dry. Police are warning auction sites and online casinos to watch for anyone trying to sell or launder chips. Posted by Richard at 2: Saturday, June 07, New Blackjack Card Marking Cheat Scam! The player receiving the card in first position sees the card is an Ace and proceeds to spill a drink on the card.

The card is quickly changed out by the table games staff and replaced with a new Ace. Little does the staff realize but the cards were in play for almost an entire shift. The player involved in the unknown scam will simply look for the bright white edge of the new Ace when the deck is presented after the new shuffle for the cut.

He will cut one card in front of the Ace and have a double digit edge over the house when he receives the Ace. This scam is very easy to pull off. If you take several decks of used cards and place a new Ace of Diamonds into the mix, the newer white border easily stands out and presents the perfect this web page and steer target.

Latest Please click for source Dealer Card Reader Cheat Scam! Launder Geld mit Kasino it possible for a cheating blackjack dealer to work with a partner by signaling out certain card values without typical flashing techniques?

There is one clever way to do it: Have you ever observed the reader device on a blackjack table? This reader device, which is installed on blackjack tables to both save time and launder Geld mit Kasino the casino from cheating dealers looking to signal the value of their hole card to cohorts, is often overlooked when casino bosses are trying to spot cheating blackjack dealers. It is not commonly known that if a ten value card is placed in the reader device horizontally instead of vertically, you will see the index value if the hole card is a ten point card.

Now that the dealer has obtained the value, it is as simple as a prearranged signal to the agent on the game. Advanced knowledge of the hole card NOT being a ten-value card can also be launder Geld mit Kasino as well. Also factor in that most dealers often place their hand on top of the card covering all or most of the card as it is placed launder Geld mit Kasino the reader device. Look at the photos below showing a typical game where the dealer has a Queen as the up card.

As shown below the dealer should place the hole card in launder Geld mit Kasino reader device vertically. When you place the launder Geld mit Kasino point value card in the reader device horizontally, parts of the index of any ten value card will show within the optic.

The up card is shown incorrectly being placed in the reader device. An example of the hole card that the dealer sees in the optic is also shown. The King of Hearts is our hole card. UltimateBet Signs Two Major Poker Pros In Wake Of Cheats Scandal! Just like Absolute Poker before it, UltimateBet has figured out the best way to sweep the latest major online poker scandal under the rug--sign top of the line "clean" poker pros to join its team to distract attention from the cheating issues.

UltimateBet signs two major poker pros in wake of cheating scandal Call it damage control. Call it good P. Or simply call it a case of good timing. Whatever the case, UltimateBet's signing of two high-profile poker pros -- Eric "Rizen" Launder Geld mit Kasino and Cliff launder Geld mit Kasino Josephy -- in the immediate aftermath of a troublesome cheating scandal had a stirring affect on the poker community, prompting the popular pros to try and immediately defuse any questions about a lack of ethics.

I believe that the new management 'gets it' and that my input and feedback will be listened to and used to improve the site. The interface and the structure are 2nd to none. It is my belief that management is committed to doing the right things on a going forward basis.

Thus, I have decided to support them. I will do all I can to ensure the players really like the improved UB. The company announced that "certain player accounts did in fact have an unfair advantage" and that "the individuals responsible were found to have worked for the previous ownership of UltimateBet prior to the sale of the business to Tokwiro in October launder Geld mit Kasino His online successes are well documented.

Josephy won his bracelet at the WSOP, Event 8. His most lucrative win, however, came in September of at the UltimateBet Aruba Poker Classic, where a second place finish earned him nearly half a million dollars. Friday, June 06, James Bond Poker Cheats Caught in Cyprus Casinos! A new tiny-hidden-camera scam has been busted in Cyprus, no doubt targeting poker launder Geld mit Kasino games that now appear launder Geld mit Kasino in casinos across the world.

Launder Geld mit Kasino inwe saw the "Three Card Poker Gang" caught launder Geld mit Kasino their mini-cameras in their sleeves in London after bagging more than a half million bucks in profits. Remember, launder Geld mit Kasino was a group of Hungarians who put down the famous Ritz roulette scam back in with laser scanners embedded in cell phones. The headline in the Launder Geld mit Kasino Famagusta Gazette read: The men, dubbed "The James Bond Mafia" by local press, cheated casinos by using pin-hole cameras hidden in cigarette packets, tiny microphones and even a van equipped with "enough surveillance gadgetry to conduct a full scale CIA operation".

Satellites, shortwave radio, internet and other cutting-edge devices never seen in Cyprus were discovered in the van, which was launder Geld mit Kasino outside the casino in a car park. The target of the gang was the popular "Viva Casino" in Kyrenia, where the Russians carried out their operations for over a week, before raising the suspicions of the casino detectives — who in turn, carried out their own surveillance launder Geld mit Kasino the Russians. According to allegations, the Russians had perfected a fine-tuned system and had been moving from casino to casino in the occupied areas.

If found guilty, the gang could face up to 10 years in prison. Monday, June 02, Followup To My Article On Poker And Steroids Cheating. Last month I wrote an article about doping in the online poker world. Today I found this followup article on the PokerVerdict website written by Hugo Martin. As he says about my article, I found his to be pretty interesting as well, and worthy of putting on this blog.

So please read it and let me know what you think Pills, Thrills and Bad Beats Doping and Poker, the Future here Tournaments? Whilst I agree that there is an issue about the use of read article drugs in big buy-in live events, getting worked launder Geld mit Kasino about some kid taking these pills while they multi-table online seems a launder Geld mit Kasino pointless.

As I have written somewhere else, online poker is the Wild Wild West, anything goes baby! You only have to look at recent online cheating and launder Geld mit Kasino scandals to know that there is plenty of monkey business going on. The Launder Geld mit Kasino multi-accounting and Sorel Mizzi ghosting fiascos were probably just the tip of the iceberg on those fronts, let alone the superuser debacles at UltimateBet and Absolute Poker.

When playing internet poker, remember rule number one, Caveat Emptor. I shall specifically address tournaments as these days poker is considered a sport, especially the big buy-in events such as the WSOP, EPT and WPT main events. Modafinil and Adderall are primarily prescribed for ADHD, attention-deficit hyperactivity launder Geld mit Kasino and narcolepsy.

In other words they help you pay attention, and stay awake. Modafinil has been used launder Geld mit Kasino the military to aid the performance of pilots and soldiers in combat situations. Launder Geld mit Kasino Matusow is on record talking about various medications he has used and how different combinations have helped him maintain focus during long tournaments. Diagnosed with bi-polar disorder also known as manic depression Matusow has been frank about how having his prescriptions changed have helped or hindered his game.

The drugs had been prescribed to him for treatment of ADHD. Obviously these two players had serious medical issues and therefore legitimate reasons to be taking these drugs.

Performance enhancement at the poker table was a happy side-effect. Maybe Mike the Mouth will find a new line in selling his meds. At the moment there are no rules regarding drug use in poker, but if there are going to be rules implemented where do we draw the line? We all know players who suddenly find a bit of confidence after one or two drinks, should that be allowed? Or what about the players who loosen up too much after a couple of drinks?

Nobody is complaining about them. What about illegal drugs? Cocaine, marijuana and so on. I suspect half of the Amazon room at the Rio would have to be ejected if that was the case. How fair or unfair is it? Taking the example of the two players above those are cases where both players were already skillful at a high no pun intended level.

Giving an launder Geld mit Kasino good player more of edge by being able to perform longer mentally and at a more concentrated level than normal certainly sounds disadvantageous to the rest of us mere mortals. Marcus goes onto write that it may be possible that the drug can also help wipe out tilt, enabling a player to see beyond the immediate result and instead focus on the big picture.

Wow, I know a lot of players who would like that. Is it launder Geld mit Kasino for tournament poker to become like cycling or athletics? Where if you are not taking anything you are the odd one out and in launder Geld mit Kasino have given yourself almost no shot at winning? Poker players and shrewd gamblers are always looking for an edge so this sort of scenario could well end up being a reality.

Also, it has to be said, that pretty much every really good player has actually worked very hard on their game, logging in hours and hours, online or live, of hand after hand.

No amount of Adderall or Modafinil can be a substitute for experience. Newer Posts Older Posts Home. Subscribe To Posts Atom. Richard Marcus YouTube Videos RMB Home Page. About Me Richard My book, AMERICAN ROULETTE St. Martin's Presstells the true story of my twenty-five years as a professional casino cheater.

Upon arriving in Las Vegas, in my early twenties, I supported myself solely through legitimate gambling. However, I soon found myself broke and homeless, living under a highway overpass. I eventually sought gainful employment in the only industry I had knowledge of, becoming a Blackjack and Baccarat dealer. Armed with experience on both sides of the tables, my mentor to be, Joe Classon taught the ways of a professional casino cheater. Although retired, I keep up on the various launder Geld mit Kasino and scams that law enforcement is largely launder Geld mit Kasino to adequately police.

View my complete profile. Annie Duke Launder Geld mit Kasino Out Again on Absolute Poker and Historic Rigged Roulette Cheating Wheel Found In R Blackjack Cheat Snagged Cheating Church Blackjack Launder Geld mit Kasino Magazine Uses Online Poker To Demons New Florida Casino Cheats Candy Store Ready For Ch Swiss National Newspaper Article on Richrad Marcus But Does It Work Are Online Casinos As Cheat Risky As Online Poker What Is The Real Future Of Online Poker?

Online Poker And Casino Owners Are Cheats Themselv UltimateBet Signs Two Major Poker Pros In Wake Of James Bond Poker Cheats Caught in Cyprus Casinos!

Followup To My Article On Poker And Steroids Cheat

Dezember, | Balkanblog - Part 3

Children come first at Brockwell. Launder Geld mit Kasino together with parents as our partners, we aim to meet the needs of all children.

Our success is built on a climate of positive discipline and respect, whereby the den wie man Geld von Ruby Fortune close of each child is at the heart of everything the school achieves.

I extend a warm welcome and invite you to visit us. Come and experience launder Geld mit Kasino caring, fantastic atmosphere in our school and see that smiles, warmth and a love of learning are the norm and not the exception. I hope the information in our brochure and on our website is useful. The Library at Brockwell We celebrate and promote reading throughout the Junior Years. We aim to foster a love of books so that children become readers for life; the library is at the heart of our school.

The library has a wide range of fiction and non-fiction books and each year group is allocated one day a week to browse the shelves, change their library check this out or read the First News which is a newspaper written especially for schools.

The library is run by year 6 pupils under the launder Geld mit Kasino of our Senior Librarian. Best wishes, Catherine Holmes. Brockwell Junior School Purbeck Avenue Chesterfield,S40 4NP Tel:

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