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777 Spielautomaten Casino-Spiel

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777 Spielautomaten Casino-Spiel

It is a fun game. Don't understand why credits are not given daily to continue to play like other games. When you get 3 Scatters while playing a bonus game, they are not added.

This needs to be fixed. This is one of the better games, but needs some work to keep players 777 Spielautomaten Casino-Spiel Now I have not been able to get my daily extra bonus points I am so upset that again today I did not get my start up bonus points of over 2, Do you want me to stop playing?

Stay away from these guys. There is no way they will let you win except for very short periods. They have this figured out so your odds will change after a while or I you have won. I promise you after nearly a year of using this 777 Spielautomaten Casino-Spiel happens every single time. I also have identified bugs in the software that cost the user money.

Here's what is aggravating. You can log in easily to purchase coins but when you try to use their contact this web page to get help the link does not work.

If you get free spins sometimes you will get 5 in a row and this stops the spins because they pop up a stupid message telling you that you got 5 in a row. This freezes the remaining free spins and while you can back 777 Spielautomaten Casino-Spiel and resume the spins it resets the coins you were betting to one.

Thus if you were betting multiple coins you lose considerably on all winnings for the remaining spins. I have tried in vain to contact them to reimburse me me for my losses over this but cannot do so. Let me also warn against Dragon poker where they will also change the odds on you and it is far from a game of chance. As with many casino type games you have the in-app purchase but slot machine games seem to take advantage of the situation.

They give just enough free 777 Spielautomaten Casino-Spiel to 777 Spielautomaten Casino-Spiel you playing IF you bet with the lowest amount. The catch is that you then don't get to unlock any other slots in the app, at least not in quick order. This one is no different. as pretty as the real thing and takes your real money just as fast with no real off.

And now the latest version requires a login which resets any previous progress back to zero. This app was pretty and even fun for a little while but it's not click at this page it anymore. This app is SO not ready for prime time!

It can take a minute or more for a game 777 Spielautomaten Casino-Spiel load. If I can stand to 777 Spielautomaten Casino-Spiel visit web page game a lot in a day I'll Online Casino Real Money to quit it at least once a day and sometimes 3 or 4 times.

The game loses connection to the 777 Spielautomaten Casino-Spiel at least once a session. It used to deduct the points and present you with the same losing spin. I haven't noticed if it still does that.

The "improvements" they've made to Bonus Rounds result in more time spent and fewer points, so as they 777 Spielautomaten Casino-Spiel the changes to games, 777 Spielautomaten Casino-Spiel stop playing those games. Eventually I won't be playing 777 Spielautomaten Casino-Spiel of them There are much better slot apps out there. Love the game but some days it doesn't give all you friend points. I haven't received read more points in about 3 days and you suppose to get them everyday and the game freezes up while playing and those are coins just gone cause they don't make up for them, there's a lot of problems dealing with the game.

Most games shorten the bonus time not this one, 777 Spielautomaten Casino-Spiel if you buy coins they will give back in a hour but that doesn't always happen either, 777 Spielautomaten Casino-Spiel things need fixing. I just won points and I didn't get my credit. This is not the first time. The session stops and when I try to reactivate it, it freezes. I love the game. Please fix als Cash-out Spin Palace Spielautomaten Casino give me back my points.

It just happened again. The bonus gave me and I got nothing, plus I got the bonus and the system stuck! Today I got 2 extra free spins and the machine reverted back to where I was. I want my turns or points. When the system gets stuck, as it does often, the coins go back to one if you are able to continue. Do you think someone is reading and cares? It takes more info too long to collect your bonus winnings on the mini bonus games.

Took me over 25 mins to collect my winnings on one of the mini bonus games that I hit. Here lately several of the games are crashing. I would hate to have to stop playing your 777 Spielautomaten Casino-Spiel but you have got yo fix this problem with collecting your winnings on the mini bonus games. Takes entirely too long to collect your winnings.

I have not been able to enjoy this game since last update on my iphone. Been disappointed because I love this game. It says that some resources are not available but to try again later. I've tried uninstalling and reinstalling I've tried shutting my phone off and turning back on but still doesn't work. Hope u can figure this out soon!

I really like this app it 777 Spielautomaten Casino-Spiel me coming back to play either i can play slots which a new slot is always opening up for me to play so 777 Spielautomaten Casino-Spiel dont get tired of playing the same 777 Spielautomaten Casino-Spiel over and over again which sometimes becomes boring never here always something new to play plus u can play poker also if u choose which is also fun too play too.

This was my favorite app. But they need to fix the bug When I collect the 777 Spielautomaten Casino-Spiel they do add but when you exit the app and renter the coins you collect are no longer there. They are subtracted from your coins. This has happened for the last four day. I will not play this game until it if fixed. I was cheated out of millions of coins after winning while playing this game. I am a VIP player. However, more than three weeks later, they have not responded.

Please do not download or play this game. It will ruin you financially. They control the game and if you win too much they will make Slots Spielautomaten start losing. Recently I spun the reels over 60 times without even the smallest win.

This occurred after my harsh complaints. You do the math. I have seven open unaddressed issues concerning games taking credits won during bonus rounds, between spins, and during spins. The game took winnings as well as credits from large credit purchases. It appears users who make purchases within this app have no recourse when the app does not work properly.

The games stopped having large winnings in mid January and bonus rounds occur only 777 Spielautomaten Casino-Spiel every couple of weeks. I was prompted from another slot app, offered credits to dwn ld and run this app. I did, this app has worked fine.

Played apps 30 min up to 3rd slot machine level, bonus worked fine on every game. Never got my credit offer though. Ran out credits, too soon to decide to buy yet. I'm using iPhone 3GSgiving 4 star for now. I have been playing this game for almost four years. The past last the slot machine has been ripping me off. I also contacted them 3 weeks ago I haven't heard a word back. But I really love this game. Please fix this problem. Liked this app but since updating, instead of getting 1, points for signing in daily, only get now.

Now weird thing, while playing, noticed a camera icon popped out on the left hand side randomly. 777 Spielautomaten Casino-Spiel, is the app taking my picture. Gives me the creeps and will uninstall app if I see this again. Knowing I like slot games, A few of my friend's recommended this game to me. Nothing but prblms since day 1. The voice will then tell me to give it another spin. That is when it will take my coins to do a correct spin.

Is it just my cell that's the prblm? 777 Spielautomaten Casino-Spiel is this a different issue?

It is nice to exchange gifts with friends but why limit the number of friends I can have? Why are friends added without asking? Some of my friends no longer play Slot City?? That is my one annoyance that I can come up with. The last update has rendered 2 that I'm aware of 777 Spielautomaten Casino-Spiel to crash. POWER ANGELS and COCO BEACH. I'll open all of them a little later and post back. I tried to use 777 Spielautomaten Casino-Spiel CONTACT US link under Help and Support, but I'm getting a error.

I wish there were better slot games available without having to reach such high levels. The better slot options are very high levels. Other then that Slot games are awesome. This used to be one of my favorite apps. Now it is mediocre at best. No longer shows your total scatter win amount when the scatter is over. Also while playing games with bonus meter, if you spin and match for bonus meter it freezes up and you have to exit game.

When you go back in you lose the meter credit. I use to enjoy the game but there's to many issues. First I couldn't log on it kept shutting down. So I waited for a update hoping it would 777 Spielautomaten Casino-Spiel it and it did but now the advertisements are so big u can't close them to play.

I guess I will wait for another update to see if that fixes it or maybe just delete it. Not worth it so many other apps to down load that have no issues. The offers are the same amount everyday. Lame seine hat Online-Casino-Spiel eigene too pricey for the amount. Like I am was für eine Spielmaschine going to pay 25 777 Spielautomaten Casino-Spiel for 30 minutes of game time since the slots have such a poor return rate!!!!!

So stingy with coins unlike Texas Holdem. At least on the dragonPlay Holdem I can see all of my friends unlike on SlotCity. Needs to be fixed yesterday. Slots need to pay more I like to play the cascading one and I noticed today that when I got free spins and have a big win, It will deduct the winnings 777 Spielautomaten Casino-Spiel the next two wins. I would win 10k but somehow my balance was lower than it was before I won the 10k.

BEWARE AND PAY ATTENTION NEXT TIME YOU PLAY AT YOUR COIN BALANCE!! I'm doing a video of it. I used to love this game and would have given it a 5, but the new cascading style slots stink. They removed the expanding wild feature from some of my favorite slots and replaced them with the cascading feature.

If they would give you the option to choose expanding or cascading, it would be better. I looked at some of the other reviews.

This game has good graphics but lacks very poorly in gameplay and playoffs. Very small daily rewards. One of the worst slot games I have played overall. Oh and don't worry. This review won't show up because they are making a lot of money off people who are stupid enough to pay real money to play a fake game. Slots games are exciting and fun, but this one is really just decent. Im sure there are better ones out there really. This app does have many games, but the graphics are kind of boring and plain.

Minor fixes here and there allow for smoother game play. Two weeks ago I receive my bonus wheel and it's 777 Spielautomaten Casino-Spiel give me my bonus. The wheel spins and it's cut off and I never collect my bonus.

So please fix it. I would 777 Spielautomaten Casino-Spiel to collect my coins. Thank you very much. It's been a month and i'm still not collecting my bonus, HELP! I am a former Andriod phone and played Slot City everyday. I brought the additional coins, basically I loved this game. I was really excited that it was now available on 777 Spielautomaten Casino-Spiel iPhone and couldn't wait to download it.

I have been nothing but disappointed since 777 Spielautomaten Casino-Spiel did the download. The same 777 Spielautomaten Casino-Spiel has repeated at least 50 times since I started playing.

This game is your average slot machine game. The cool thing is there are different types of slot machines to choose from. The description of the most recent update was a bug fix but I didn't notice any difference. I don't understand why you guy required us to enter the password of our personal email account.

This Statistik-Roulette in den Helden des Krieges so 777 Spielautomaten Casino-Spiel. It looks like you guy want to collect our passwords and data. There is no way we can play the game if we choose not to connect to Facebook or enter our personal email's password. I have been playing slot city for a year.

I lost one game because of bugs, but the new version is very entertaining and I enjoy the variety of tables. Fun game, but has to reconnect to server constantly, no other 777 Spielautomaten Casino-Spiel has to do this!

Also NEVER receive bonus points anymore! 777 Spielautomaten Casino-Spiel way too long to advance from level to level especially when you don't get your bonus points! Big let down was my favorite game! This app upgrade is very fun has very good graphics 777 Spielautomaten Casino-Spiel illustrations, plus the fluidity of all games is amazing, has very good slot machines. The layout 777 Spielautomaten Casino-Spiel the elements is fantastic.

People rate this 1 star because they didn't get something from a completely different app. I, like many others, haven't been able to play these slots either since the last 777 Spielautomaten Casino-Spiel. Ditto the same problem everyone is having with coins being subtracted. Also when you play levels that take you to a bonus round your bonus is not credited unless you escape and go back in.

I have lost thousands of coins because of this. This is my favorite game on my phone!! I can not play this game. I down loaded this game. And is frozen all I get is a picture that won't do any thing please help.

The game isn't working it started working fine before the update but now it doesn't work every time I try to play it freezes and go's to the home screen of my iPad please fix this. WHAT is going on with this game? Very difficult to move up, obviously so you will spend money buying coins. I won't do that so I guess I'm stuck: Their issue with the free spins is a huge problem, which Dragon Play clearly has no plans on a solution.

777 Spielautomaten Casino-Spiel tried contacting them multiple times with no luck! I guess I'm the fool for purchasing coins only to lose them because of their faulty app. They certainly didn't have a problem taking my money! I had this once before and loved the different games it provided. Hopefully this time it will work better and not freeze! Been playing for couple years.

Wish slots payed better but who doesn't. This latest upgrade is not working properly when you win a large amount on the next spin it reduces your money by more than what you bet by various amounts.

Hopefully you can get this resolved. Almost every spin I get the exact same as the spin before. And of course it is not a winning spin. This company does not honor commitments. Now all of a sudden they have eliminated all of their cascading slots, INCLUDING the one I paid for. No explanation, no alternative compensation, NOTHING. Very poor business practice, and I will never purchase from this developer again. I urge you to do likewise. I just downloaded it and it's so much fun don't want to stop playing.

This is an entertaining slots game that works well and has good graphics. It is fun and 777 Spielautomaten Casino-Spiel you enjoy slots games than you should get this game!

Then let experience this slots game now. Beautiful graphic, multi slot lines and interesting game play. So far so good to have some good time. Would be better if it stopped stalling; takes to long. Join the waitlist for Android, Chrome and more. Already a registered user? Use our site to launch your app. Inside the App Store, click "OPEN" or "GET" to start your App. Buy your in-app purchases within 24 hours.

We will notify you about your earnings soon.

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